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Holonomic Healer

"Euflubio; Optimum Flow of Life"

"Euflubio; Optimum Flow of Life"

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Optimum Flow of Life



This is my opinion

Because I disagree virulently with the drug pushing strategy of traditional orthodox medicine, I became a misfit, a cast away.

And because I also disagree with the western perception of the Universe and the logic the western mind uses to describe and ignore its rampaging depredation and complicity, I refuse to use its existing delusory models.

And lastly, because I particularly disagree with its conqueror’s vision, and the consequent and obvious rape of this planet, I felt compelled to design a model to express an understanding of the human body which is closer to the factuality of "Natural Laws".

This was done by the standard of my perception, of course. Which I trust a lot more than Aristotle’s perception. So I chose Flowing Systems and Holonomic Healing to package my insight.

The word Holonomic suggests that everything happens according to laws, in this case the Laws of the Totality. "Holos" alludes to the Totality and "Nomos" to the Law. In this case "the Law of the Totality". The Whole.

So, what "Holonomic Healing" wants to convey is that healing happens when you go with the flow in resonance with Natural Laws, keeping in mind that true Naturalism is then Applied Science.

The theorem helps to grasp the insight where an input of a substance, or a bit of information (meme), or a flow of energy flowing within the system and can both, enhance or degrade its host all the way from blooming to anihilation, depending on the quality and quantity of the specific inputs, in an environment where balance is sustained by Natural Laws, not by bureaucrats, if you know what I mean.

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